4 Tips for Keeping Your Automated Gate in Great Condition

Just like any other mechanical object, automated gates need to be maintained regularly if you want them to work reliably, safely and ultimately last longer. Depending on the type of gate automation you have, maintaining it yourself shouldn’t be too much of a challenge if you follow these instructions. However, should you get stuck, it’s best to get help from a professional.

Regular Inspections

Whenever you’re inspecting your automated gate, check for signs of wear and tear and that all bolts are tightly screwed. Also, look out for damage to bearings, bushes and pivot points. If you find anything suspicious, a professional like Centurion System Repairs will be able to assist you.

Rust Prevention

Dust and dirt accumulation, as well as exposure to mother nature, will increase the likelihood of your gate starting to rust. Always look out for rust on your gate’s metal parts. If rust is still in its early stages, you can easily remove it by washing your gate with household detergent. Alternatively, you can scrub more advanced rust with sandpaper.

Keep It Clean

Washing your gate regularly is necessary to keep it looking great. A new coat of paint or powder coating once a year or when it starts to look faded will go a long way in your automated gate’s durability.


We always recommend to our clients to lubricate moving parts of your automated gate every six months. These parts are typically the roller, chain, hinge and pulley. For your gate to operate safely and securely, and to prevent unnecessary wear and tear, it needs a friction-free surface.

For more tips on keeping your automated gate and motor in tip-top shape, or if you are in the market to install or replace your gate, get in touch with the team at Centurion System Repairs for a free quote today!

5 Excellent Reasons to Automate Your Gate

Whether you’re installing new security fencing or just upgrading your current fencing, you’ll face the decision of whether to install an electric gate or not. While it may be more affordable to choose a manual gate, there are some things to consider before you make up your mind. Below are five reasons why you should install an electric gate.


The number one reason for automating your gate is SAFETY. With the soaring crime rate in South Africa, automated entry into your home is a must to keep you and your family safe.


Let’s be honest, automated gates are comfortable. Pressing a button versus getting out of your car to open the gate — it’s a no-brainer.

Curb Appeal

Automated gates come in various styles and designs. It can complement your property by adding an element of luxury to its aesthetics.

Increased Property Value

In addition to improving curb appeal, an automated gate can increase your property value. Buyers are more willing to pay a higher price if they see the added convenience and security of an automated gate.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Homeowners insurance is something you can’t do without. It is calculated by considering various things such as the size of your home, the crime rate in your neighbourhood and the safety measures installed in your home. It is why an automated gate will ensure lower insurance premiums.

As you can see, there are numerous advantages to automating your gate that is well worth the investment. Before you install a new gate, consider the benefits of automated gates instead of the conventional manually operated gates.

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